The Watchman Work Area Voltage Detector, model WM-01, utilizes WAVi™ voltage indication technology to detect strong electric fields surrounding high voltage conductors and power distribution equipment. Typically placed in the vicinity of power lines or high voltage equipment, the Watchman Detector provides an extra level of safety for trained personnel working on or near high voltage systems.

Awareness and early warning
anytime, anyplace and for any reason

  • The Watchman Detector can be activated to visually alert to the presence of an electrical field and can also alert crews that they no longer have active power in the area.
  • Spinning LED lights indicate an electric field and a nearby energized conductor.
  • Power button serves dual function: press once for on/off function; hold down for self-test to verify battery power and proper functioning of Detector.
  • Once turned on, the Watchman Detector provides a “heartbeat” pattern to indicate it is actively checking for the presence of high voltage electric fields.
  • Powerful neodymium magnets allow the detector to be mounted to accessory brackets or any magnetic surface.

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