The HVA-2000 is a high voltage digital ammeter designed for taking True RMS AC current measurements up to 2000 amps, 25-500Hz. The HVA can be used on system voltages up to 500kV.
Large, Bright LED Display
Conductor Capacity 2.75" (7.0 cm)
Compact, Lightweight Design - 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg)
Dual Measurement Modes - Peak Hold and Real Time
Dual Hotstick Connection Options - Universal Spline or Shotgun Stick

Accurate and Clear –
The HVA-2000's Digital Display Improves Monitoring

Equipped with the capability of taking spot-load studies at transformers or any mid-span location, as well as phase balance studies on primary or secondary lines, all within accuracy of 1%


Large, bright LED display allows real time or peak current monitoring from the longest of telescoping hotsticks.


Two user-selectable measurement modes – peak hold and real time tracking for versatility when taking measurements.


Storage of the last 4 readings means no need to bring the unit up to the conductor and then back down for each reading.

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